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Fujitsu 510II POS printer
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Specification of Fujitsu 510II POS printer

Main feature    Relax and Save High printing speed (max300mm / sec.)
    Adopt a user-friendly Front-user Feed-out function.
    Large diameter roll paper (Max.102mm diameter) is available.
    Two colors print.
    Four types of roll paper (58, 60, 80 and 83mm).
    Thick paper (Ticket / Label) is available.
    High reliability
    16 gray scale function
    Cost-effective modeQuiet and efficient high-speed printingBy using a smooth thermal head, we have achieved one of the fastest printing speeds on the market at 300mm / sec with FP-510. A clear readable receipt is delivered quickly with little noise.Printing speed: 300mm / sec.Resolution: 203dpi (8dot / mm)
Adopt a user-friendly Front-user Feed-out functionBy adopting Front Feed debit for easy paper handling, printing receipts are available without waiting for your customers to wait, as well as replacement of paper rolls simplified by using the "Drop in" method.
Large diameter roll paper (Max.102mm diameter) is availableThe larger the diameter, the lower the cost per sheet.
Four types of roll paper are available for the same printerBy using the built in partition for 4 types of printable paper roll.
Thick paper (Ticket / Label) is availableThick paper thick (Max.paper-thickness 150μm) can be printed.
High reliabilityCutter life: 2 million pieces (75μm paper thickness)Thermal Head life: 150kmPrinter life: 70 million lines (MCBF)
Easy maintenanceAdjustments are not necessary after maintenance operation.
Black and White colors availableYou can choose one of two colors for your printer body.
BellFP-510 has built-in Buzzer as standard.
16 Gray Scale functio

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