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CR3600 DPM Barcode Scanner
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Specification of CR3600 DPM Barcode Scanner

The CR3600 Barcode Scanner (CR3600) scanner displays the ability to read Direct Part Mark (DPM), packaging many features into its compact design. This sleek wireless barcode reader has a color screen and buttons that allow users to enter data in real time in real time. CR3600 DPM is lightweight, and is available in both palm and handle configurations. It also includes a paging button to help the location of the reader.

Illuminated Display Screen

The screen provides a unique mobile solution for users who need instant visibility of the scanned data. Readers who scan 1D, 2D, Postal barcodes and even Direct Part Mark (DPM), are readers who offer unlimited possibilities. Designed for applications that require process control, component tracking, work process monitoring (WIP) and assembly, the CR3600 DPM handles the need to read bar codes in the Aerospace, Automotive, Pharmaceutical, DOD, and Semiconductor industries.

Enter users for easy operation

CR3600 includes a battery status LED indicator with a fuel gauge to inform the operator of the remaining strength. This results in user feedback with vibration, audible tones, and LEDs based on the scanning done. CR3600 comes with a programmable button for a workflow process that is tailored to integrate best with your business needs.

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